Who We Are?

Incorporated in 1975, Datamatics has been at forefront of digital transformation by implementing Smart Processes, Smart Systems, Smart Data, and Smart Devices. We build intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses to enhance their productivity and customer experience. Our solutions are powered by Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms.

The Research & Analytics division in Datamatics brings to the table a smart blend of deep domain knowledge in Market Research and Analytics in conjunction with the core Technology DNA of Datamatics. We have been in the business of transcription service since 14+ years, having delivered over 540 million minutes of transcription to various clients which include 7 of the world’s 10 largest MR companies.

14+ years

In the business of transcription service


Across the globe in the Market Research Industry

14+ language

Includes English, French, German, Spanish, all the Indian Regional languages, and many more.

540 million minutes

Over 540 million minutes of audio transcribed and serving clients like the United Nations, Nielsen, Ipsos, Kantar Group, etc.

5k to 6k hours

Hours being handled annually

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What We Do?

We provide high-quality audio and video transcription services across sectors like FMCG, Banking, Automobile, etc. for languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, All South-East Asian and All Indian languages.

The specialized team has proven experience for In-depth Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Diads/Triads, Recorded Telephonic Interviews, Specialised Services, etc. with multiple levels of quality checks to ensure best-in-class accuracy.

We have delivery centres in the USA for onshore services, in the Philippines for South-East Asian Languages and India for all other languages.

What Makes Us Different?

Automated Workflow Tool

Our Automated Workflow Tool supports continuous high volume and provides a real-time status update. There is high data security as the audio/video files uploaded by clients cant be downloaded by any agent in the system. All the transcription happens only on the platform.

Searchable Transcription

Integrated searchable audios in the workflow tool. Clicking a specific text in the transcript will lead you to the place in the audio/video containing the conversation and vice-versa. The tool allows extraction of snippets of audio/video which you can use in your presentation to represent the voice of the customer.

Capturing Emotions

We provide value-added features in transcription like Capturing emotions like Silence, Excitement, etc., Time stamp every 1 minute and lesser, Speaker identification up to 3 speakers for audio and all speakers for video.

Machine-led Transcription (English inputs)

Integrated machine-led transcription for English language input files within the workflow tool. Accuracy up to 90%, depending on the quality of input.

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